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If you’re in the mood for a slot experience that’s fun, fast, streamlined and vibrant, then Jester’s Jackpot is an excellent option. One of the newest additions to the Microgaming Classic Slot series, Jester’s Jackpot uses the company’s standard classic formula but manages to infuse it with sharp graphics, engaging music and sound effects and even some clever gameplay.


Jester’s Jackpot is a three-reel, non-progressive slot machine with a single bet line. Coins range from 25 cents to five dollars, and players have the option of betting one, two or three coins per spin. Unlike most of these Microgaming Classics, the three-column pay table does scale evenly across the board, so players can feel free to wager whatever amount they’re most comfortable with. At a $0.25 bet, just a single cherry pays out $0.50, and that happens quite frequently, which is exciting.

Special Features

Like a true classic slot machine, symbols can land off-center of the middle line, which is the pay line. That can affect payouts considerably, but Jester’s Jackpot has a number of special features in place to offset that disadvantage. The most lucrative of those features is that the jackpot pays out when there’s three symbols on the board, one on each reel, regardless of the vertical position. The Jester’s Bar, which is the second most valuable symbol, behaves in the same way. Jester’s Jackpot also has an any bar feature as well as any one and any two cherry features.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics and audio on Jester’s Jackpot are exceptional. The game board and the reels look just as good as the newest classic-style machines that you’ll find in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The music and sound effects are also quite good, and it seems that Microgaming has developed a completely new sound set for this machine.


At a one, two or three-coin spin, Jester’s Jackpot pays out 800, 1600 and 2400 coins, respectively. If you play the minimum bet of $0.25, then you have a shot at $200, which isn’t bad for a 25-cent risk. At the max bet, the jackpot will be $12,000. It’s worth noting that many of these Microgaming Classics pay out 2500 coins at the top level, but this game provides much better odds on the reels than those do.


We simply can’t say enough nice things about Jester’s Jackpot. This really is one of Microgaming’s best classic slot machines, and unless you simply don’t like the classic style, you’re going to like this one, a lot. We usually don’t play pub machines for hours at a time, but time certainly does fly by when you’re hoping to see those three jester’s caps appear somewhere, anywhere on the reels.

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