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Killer Clubs is another big win for the people at Microgaming. Microgaming is a leading software developer for online casinos, and many of the company's games have become big hits because of their originality and presentation. Microgaming has been on a mission to break out of the habit of introducing the same old games in new skins year after year. They have, instead, put their creative department to work developing unique, new games. Killer Clubs is a result of this effort.

Killer Clubs is not just a unique card game. The game is brought to life by some amazingly realistic graphics and sound effects. All of the different aspects of the game come together in a perfect combination, making it both sensorial stimulating and actively interesting. The game not only holds your attention, but it allows you to enjoy the experience of playing.

Killer Clubs is played on a green, felt-topped table. The center is the active playing area, and the sides have slots to display cards as they are used. This is one card game where the casino does not mind you counting the cards as they are played.

The object of the game is simple. You are dealt one card at a time until you are dealt a "killer" club. Any club-suited card ends the play and causes you to lose your initial stakes. With each card that is dealt, the prize gets higher. The first card pays out at a 1.3x multiplier. The maximum payout is on the 20th card, which provides you a nice 1,740x jackpot multiplier.

Before the game begins, you decide how much you want to bet. The minimum bet is 0.50 credits, and the maximum bet is 100 credits. After you establish your bet, a single deck of 52 cards is shuffled and placed in the shoe. When you are ready, click the deal button, and a single card is drawn from the shoe. If it is not a club, then you win.

After each win, you can collect your winnings and start a new game, or you can continue with another card. After only four cards, your winnings are already at an impressive 3.1x multiplier. However, you may want to keep going until you get into some seriously big money.

Killer Clubs is one of those games that grab your attention from the very beginning, and it is a refreshing break from playing the same old card games every day.

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