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Kings of Cash Review

Kings of Cash is a five-reel online slot game with 15 paylines. Microgaming developed the game, and it stands out from other slot games because of its stacked multipliers, scatters, free spins and suit-specific bonus game. The wagering limits and jackpot caps are very high compared to similar machines, with a £0.01 minimum bet and a £75 maximum bet; the jackpot is capped at £25,000, but the multipliers can stack the jackpot up to £75,000.

The multipliers and free spins can stack, so you can occasionally find yourself winning many times what you would on a normal spin. Whether you are a true slot game fan or more of a table game player, trying out this game is definitely worth your time.

If you get at least three scattered royal crowns on your screen, you can activate the Kings of Cash Bonus Game, in which you obtain crowns that multiply your winnings for that spin by anywhere from two to a thousand times. In this way, the game stands apart from other online slot games; usually, a jackpot is won by getting five of the same special symbol, but in this case the top jackpot is achieved by multiplying a high bet by 1,000. As an example: If you were to bet £5 on a spin, your maximum jackpot would be £5,000 because the bonus game would multiply your bet by 1,000.

Alternatively, £75 multiplied by 1,000 is £75,000. Realistically, your multipliers from the bonus game can be anywhere between two and a thousand, so you should plan for the average to be somewhere in the middle. So, if you are betting an average of £5 per spin and expect an average multiplier to be 500, your expected jackpot would be around £2,500.

While £2,500 may not sound as impressive as £75,000, bear in mind that the bonus game is activated by only three royal crown symbols. As a result, you will see your “jackpots” much more frequently that you would in another game. The key to winning over the long term is to keep your wagers high and consistent, so that you can exploit the multipliers when they come around.

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Kings of Cash Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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