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Lady in Red Review

Lady in Red is a high-tech Microgaming video slot with a vintage theme. There are 25 paylines and five reels, making this a traditional “reel slot,” but not a fruit machine. This is a great game to play if you want something with a bit more class than your typical video slot machine. You get to listen to smooth ‘30s jazz while you play, and the symbols are all in dark reds and black, with the occasional flash of pale skin.

The maximum jackpot is $25,000, but you can win as much as $75,000 if you play with maximum wagers and hit the jackpot during the free-spin bonus game. This is a relatively easy game to play, but it is still entertaining, and the jackpots will more than make it worth your time. If you want a break from loud, glitzy machines that flash and ring after every spin, try out Lady in Red.

While some games may have both a wild symbol and a multiplier symbol, with one sometimes cancelling or superseding the other, this game combines the wild and scatter symbols so that you get dual-functionality in one red-clad lady. Her symbol can fill in for any other symbol besides the scatter symbol. So, when you have a combination that is almost a win, a Lady in Red will turn that into the most favorable win possible. Additionally, any payout that a wild symbol completes pays out at twice the amount it typically would.

The scatter symbol is represented by the paparazzi. When you get two or more of them on any of your reels, you automatically win. If you get three or more, you activate the free-spin game. During the free-spin game you can get as many as 25 free spins in a row that pay out at three times what you would get from your base trigger bet.

You can also stack your free spins when you re-trigger the game, so you can end up with 49 more free spins after spinning twice. It is important to note that you can also use additional multipliers in your combinations when you get wild symbols during the free-spin game.

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Lady in Red Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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