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Lady Luxor Review

Lady Luxor is a single-payline, three-reel fruit machine that allows you to bet one coin at a time. The game has an Egyptian theme based on the city of Luxor and Cleopatra. It has a tan background and icon designs comprised of various fruits, mummies and other Egyptian symbols. You can only bet one coin at a time, and the permitted coin denominations have a greater range than in most single-payline slot games.

The top jackpot is $5,000, or 500 times whatever your trigger bet is, putting it in the medium range for machine payouts. Because it is a fruit machine, you can hold and nudge combinations on the reels. Though its payout isn’t spectacular, Lady Luxor is a fruit machine that is fun and easy to play.

You can bet one coin at a time on the sole payline, but you can vary your coin sizes according to your playing preferences and bankroll size. The minimum coin size is 10 cents, which would be high for a five-reel game but is actually low for a three-reel game. The maximum size for a coin in Lady Luxor is $10.

The payouts in Lady Luxor are relatively simple because there is only one payline and you can only bet one coin at a time. The top jackpot is 500 coins, which comes out to $5,000 if you bet the maximum. However, if you were to bet 10 cents, the jackpot would be $50. As such, it is important to choose a coin denomination that will pay off handsomely in the event of a jackpot.

Holding and nudging in Lady Luxor works the same way as in any other fruit machine. When you have a combination on the reels that is almost a win, you can hold part of the combination and nudge the remaining reel for a second shot at winning. You have to pay a small amount in order to hold and nudge, but doing so is worth it when there is a lot of money on the line.

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Lady Luxor Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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