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Lions Share is a non-progressive slot machine developed by Microgaming as part of its Classic Slot series. The game has three reels, one payline and a three-column paytable. It also integrates some features, such as wild symbols and multipliers, that aren’t common to the series of classic slots in general.


Lions Share has three spinning reels and a centered payline that’s visible at all times. Symbols must touch that line to count, and it’s not unusual for them to be off-center. Like most machines in this series, Lions Share uses coin sizes ranging from $0.25 to $5, and users have the option of betting one to three coins, so possible wagers range from $0.25 to $15. The jackpot on a three-coin bet adds a 2,000-coin bonus, so we recommend that you always bet three coins, which requires at least a 75-cent stake.

Special Features

Lions Share has an “Any 2” feature on the cherry symbols, which means that it pays out with three across or with two cherries in any position. The single, double and triple bar symbols also have an “Any Bar” feature, which means that any combination of three of those symbols results in a payout. The main draw to Lions Share, however, is the lion symbol, which is the jackpot symbol but also a wild symbol with a built-in multiplier. The lion can stand in for any other symbol to form a standard three-symbol combination. If there’s one lion present in a combo, the winnings are doubled, and if there’s two lions present, the winnings are quadrupled.

Graphics and Audio

Lions Share has a polished look to it as well as an effective art style and color palette. As with most Microgaming Classics, the spin action and the reflections on the glass make it look like the real deal. The sound selection is authentic as well and greatly helps with the immersion.


At one, two and three coins staked, Lions Share pays out 2000, 4000 and 8000 coins. The chance to win a $500 jackpot on a $0.25 bet is quite impressive. On a max bet, the jackpot is a whopping $40,000, which makes it quite clear why this is one of the most popular entries in the series.


The opportunity to win $40K on a pub machine is a big deal, and that makes this machine far more lucrative than most of the other options in the series. For that reasons alone, this is a regular play for us. We recommend at least playing $0.75 per spin, which gives you a shot at a $2,000 jackpot and a $900 win on two lions and a gold coin.

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