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Casino Hold’em


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Casino Hold’em is a popular poker-like game that is played against a dealer rather than other players. The game is a variant of five-card poker, the best possible hand is always formed for you automatically and the goal is to have a better hand than the dealer. There is also a side bet.


The gamer is started by placing an initial bet of at least $1 and no more than $300. The dealer deals two hole cards to the player and two to himself and then deals three community cards. The player can then call or fold. If he chooses to cut his losses, then he loses the initial bet. If he calls, the call bet is equal to the initial bet, and then the dealer deals two additional community cards and the hands are compared.

The dealer hand must have a pair of fours or better. If it does not, then this is a disqualification. The game will pay out against the initial bet but the call bet is simply returned to the player. Regardless of the player’s hand, the worst he can do in this scenario is having his stake returned to him.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and ties with the player’s hand, then both the ante bet and the call bet are a push. If the dealer’s hand qualifies but loses to the player’s hand, then the total bet pays out according to the ante pay table, which can pay out 100 to 1 for a royal flush.

Special Features

The AA side bet is a wager on whether or not the player’s first two hole cards and the first three community cards combined will contain a pair of aces. If the AA bet is won, it pays out according to the AA pay table when and if the player wins the main game. If he folds or loses, the AA side bet is lost. In the case of the dealer’s hand not qualifying, the player still wins the AA side bet.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics are serviceable, and the UI is straightforward. The sound effects are good, and the light muzak that plays in the background is never disruptive.


The maximum total stake possible is $300, and if a player were to win with a royal flush, he would have the $600 total stake returned to him and win $6,000.


If you’re in the mood for some poker but not the intensity of an actual game, then Casino Hold’em is a good option, and the house edge is just a tick above 2 percent. Keep in mind that the side bet is much worse in comparison, and you are always better off putting your money toward the ante and call bets. You may try more table games in this page.

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