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If the player is able to cast a magic spell over the Magic Spell video slot designed by Microgaming, they can earn their way to some amazing jackpots. This particular game is loaded with some unusual goings on that should come as a surprise on a game with a magical theme. While the video and audio features are average at best, the colorful icons based on the tools of magic come across as quite interesting.

Magic Spell in a non-progressive, 5-reel video slot with 25 pay lines. Players are permitted to wager 1 to 10 coins per spin with a coin value of $.01 at a minimum and $1.00 at a maximum. With the right combination in the base game, players can win a maximum jackpot of $20,000. With that said, there are bigger payouts available from the game's bonus features.

Magic Spell's standard, low paying symbols are portrayed by a coat of arms, a schoolhouse, a lecturer, a backpack, a magic wand, a hamburger and parchment graphics. Additional higher paying symbols include the following feline magicians: Leo, Catrina and Baz. Master Tomcat is used as the game's only wild symbol. The only symbols it will be used to substitute for are the feline magicians Leo, Catrina and Baz. If the wild is used as a substitute on a winning spin, a 5X multiplier is applied towards the player's winning on that spin only.

It should be noted that Magic Spell is played without a traditional scatter symbol. However, each reel has a letter symbol that holds the golden key to a bonus game. The letters are M-A-G-I-C across reels 1-5 in that exact order. If the player lands all five of these letters at the same time, they will be prompted to pick one of the letters for an instant prize. If they reveal a golden key, they earn the opportunity to play an interactive bonus game.

During the bonus game, the player will be asked to select a book. The book will reveal a prize and allow them to progress to the next level. If they find the purple orb, they win all the prizes. A green magic spell ends the game.

Verdict: For the most part, Magic Spell is an ordinary video slot with mediocre jackpots. The one thing that makes this game stand out is the interactive bonus game, which provides a bit of excitement. For that reason alone, players should consider giving this game a shot.

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