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Magnificent 777's Review

As far as online slots go, Magnificent 777's is about as basic as they come. This cowboy-themed slot machine was developed by Microgaming, and it represents the company's line of simple slots geared toward those who do not want their games overly complicated.

Magnificent 777's is a three-reel slot machine, and it has only a single payline running horizontally across the reels. In order to give players a wide range of wager amounts, several coin denominations are available: 0.10 credits, 0.20 credits, 0.25 credits, 0.50 credits, 1 credit, 2 credits, 5 credits and 10 credits.

The symbols in this game are very limited. The regular symbols consist only of red sevens, blue sevens and black diamonds. Black diamonds are just placeholders, and they signify that nothing is won on the spin. To win, you need to match three sevens on the payline. The pay schedule is as follows:

  • Three red sevens – 200x multiplier
  • Three blue sevens – 10x multiplier
  • Any three sevens – 2x multiplier

In addition to the sevens and black diamonds, three bonus symbols are on the reels: the gold star, the silver star and the bronze star. If one of these symbols is on the payline, then the bonus round is activated. Bonus rounds consist of a random number of free spins with bonus multipliers in the following ranges:

  • Gold star – 52x to 6,000x
  • Silver star – 22x to 550x
  • AnBronze star – 6x to 450x

Although Magnificent 777's does not have a wild symbol, it does have two other special features. The first of these is the hold feature. The hold feature is randomly activated, so you never know when it will be available. When it is available, you can prevent one or two of the reels from spinning on your next play. This allows you greater odds of making a winning match.

The second special feature is the automatic nudge. This feature is also activated randomly during gameplay. When it is available, you are allowed to see the next symbol on the reels after they stop spinning. If the next symbol will help you complete a winning combination, then you can nudge the reel ahead.

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Magnificent 777's Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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