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Mocha Orange is a classic three reel slot (click for more) that lends itself to rapid play and low-risk gambling. Despite its name, Mocha Orange does not have much to do with mocha. There is, however, a great deal of color, and the best symbol that you can get is an orange. It is not a fruit machine (Play here), so you cannot hold or nudge combinations when they are close, but it does have some special symbols that you would usually only see in a five-reel slot (click here).

You should play this slot if you like high-speed play and frequent payouts. Mocha Orange is not the right game for every slot player, but classic slot players will love it.

There are two paylines, and their respective jackpots scale evenly, unlike in some multi-payline classic slots that require you to activate every line before getting a shot at a proportionately higher payout. The jackpot is not particularly high compared to those in some other slots, but the effective payout rate is at least average. Furthermore, there is not a bonus game, and you do not need to execute perfect holds and nudges, so the hypothetical payout rate is exactly what you will get when you play.

You can bet one coin on each of the two paylines. The smallest coin size is 25 cents, but you can assign a coin value as high as $5. The overall maximum bet is $10. With a single-coin bet, the jackpot is 800 coins. With both paylines activated, the jackpot goes up to 1,600 coins.

The most that you can make on a single $10 spin is $8,000. While it may not seem like much, this game has a wild symbol and a multiplier, both of which ramp up your win rate in a three-reel game far more than they would in a five-reel game.

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