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For anyone who thought the monsters from Disney's Monster Inc. were zany, a look into the mind of Microgaming's game developers reveals an even stranger image of monsters that becomes apparent in the video slot titled Monster Mania. The silly looking caricatures of monsters, along with some funny video features and background sounds, are enough to create belly laughter in even the most serious of slot players.

Monster Mania is played with a standard 5-reel, 9 pay line game format. With only one coin permitted per spin, cash outlays can range between $.25 and $18.00 based on coin values of $.25 at the bottom end, up to a maximum of $2.00. The maximum possible jackpot on this game is a very disappointing $2,000.

Monster Mania is filled with playing symbols that are sure to elicit more laughter than fear. The low paying symbols are represented by an assortment of fruits, including an apple, orange, watermelon, grapes and bananas. Other standard symbols include four zany monsters that looking curiously familiar (think Monsters Inc.). A brain looking monster acts as the game's wild symbol. It will be used to fill in for any of the other symbols with the exclusion of the game's scatter symbol. The only caveat is the wild is only available on reels 2-4.

Much to the game's detriment, the scatter symbol really acts as nothing more than a glorified high paying symbol. If the player lands 2, 3, 4 or five scatters, they win multipliers of 5X, 50X, 500X and a game high 1000X, respectively. The game does not give the player any opportunities for free spins or bonus games.

Verdict: As cute and zany as the monsters and video features might be, the game is really disappointing on so many levels. First, a video slot game with a $2,000 maximum jackpot is almost criminal, especially in the world of Microgaming slots. Next, the lack of free spins and bonus features leaves the player with nothing to do, but keep feeding the game money and pressing the play button. Even beginners and novice have grown to expect more from a video slot than this game is capable of delivering. Truth be told, Microgaming should take this game and shove it into the closet where video slots go to die. Very Very disappointing.

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