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Let's play at Multiplayer No Worries 5 reels slot game


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With the explosion in social media over the past 10 years, online casino players have shown an increased interest in being able to incorporate social interaction into their gaming experience. With this in mind, Microgaming designed several multiplayer slots that provide chat capabilities for social interaction. No worries is one of those games. As for the game itself, it is built around the concept of a relaxed Australian culture. The crazy symbols and video features, along with the background sounds, do a great job of inducing laughter and creating a laid-back feeling.

No Worries is a video slot with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. With a per coin vale range of $.01, up to $.05, it quickly becomes clear this is not a game for people who want to risk big dollars for big winnings. The player in only permitted to wager 1 coin at a time for a shot at a max jackpot of only $500. That's not going to get the job done for experienced players.

The game's primary, low paying symbols are represented by some zany looking animal from the outback. This includes a platypus, wallaby, koala bear. a bobcat, a bird and a hippo. The wild symbol is represented by the "No Worries" game logo. It will be used to fill in for all the other icons with the exception of the scatter and bonus symbols. On any winning spin where the wild is used as a substitute, the amount of the winnings will be doubled.

A boomerang serves as the game's only scatter symbol. The only way the scatter comes into play is if the player lands a boomerang on all five reels at the same time. If that occurs, the player gets 25 free spins with a progressing multiplier that starts at 2X and maxes out at 5X. If the player lands a special 1X multiplier symbol on the fifth reel during free spins. they earn an extra 1X multiplier on that spin only. Tazza the Tasmanian devil serves as a bonus symbol, though its only value is to give the player extra multipliers.

Verdict: A lot of work went into developing a game and theme that ended up with a horrible pay scale. It's a shame because the other aspects of No Worries form the basis for decent video slot experience. Why would anyone invest money to play a video slot with a $500 jackpot when hundreds of games are available that pay in the tens of thousands?

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