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A fairly new slot machine that is used by many top-rated online casinos, and several other game sites is the Oriental Fortune. It is interesting to both casual players and gamblers, because its cap payout is 5000.00 and also just because it looks very attractive. The glittery, golden, and red images look great in a spin and are even more attractive when the shapes line up.

Like most digital slot machines, Oriental Fortune has perfectly calculated odds and it is not possible to beat the house by manipulating variations in individual machines. While different game sites might tweak the odds to suit their needs, every player has the exact same odds when playing at the same website. The good news is there are plenty of options for matching slots.

Oriental Fortune has five reels, which creates many crisscrossing possibilities. There are five payout lines for matching slots, and more complicated matchups pay out large rewards. The possibilities can whet the appetite of even hardened gamers who think that digital slots have nothing to offer.

Images and background music do have an oriental and predominantly Japanese theme. Slot pictures include a green dragon, a gold dragon, a salamander, and a smiling geisha. The dragons represent reward possibilities while the geisha is a wild card that can line up with any other number, letter, or picture. Because it is theoretically possible to hit five different matches on the same spin, impressive payouts occur with satisfying regularity.

The Oriental Fortune Jackpot pays 5000 coins, and the minimum coin value is $0.25. The other jackpots are the lion for 3000 coins and the green dragon for 2000 coins. Winning the Jackpot means having five slots lineup with the correct image. While the odds are always scarce, the frequent show of these slots along with the geisha wild card can prove to be quite tantalizing. There are 29 combinations total that will payout.

Because different players have different bankrolls, Oriental Fortune is configured to accept different coin values. The max value at most game sites is $5.00, but there is the potential to set it higher. This gives choice to both budget players and those wanting to roll higher. The maximum possible wager is $25.00 at the game's default settings.

The game has a high enough definition to look good even on a large screen. The graphics are not intensive enough to cause any hardware or software problems, and the scrolling of the slots is represented by a completely ambiguous blur. Jackpots deliver flashing soft lights that are still very satisfying in light of the delicate theme of the game. Oriental Fortune is designed to engage players for hours on end, and it has both rewarded and bled many players.

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