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Offside and Seek is a football-themed instant win scratch card from Microgaming, a leading software developer for the online gaming industry. Microgaming has started to put a lot of its effort into new and exciting games. Among them is their series of classic virtual scratch ticket games.

Offside and Seek gives you an experience similar to that of buying a scratch card from your local lottery shop. However, this game puts to use some fun graphics and sound effects to make winning cash prizes even more enjoyable.

Each Offside and Seek card gives you two chances to win. The two games play independently of each other, so if you do not win one game, you have a second chance before you have to move on to a new play. You start the game by choosing an amount for your wager. The minimum stakes are 0.50 credits per play, but they go up by increments of one credit to a maximum of 10 credits.

When you have chosen an amount for your wager, just click on the New Card button to begin playing. The first game is a match 3 game. You have six panels to scratch, and behind each panel is a football player. Each of the 12 possible players that can be revealed is worth a different prize amount. The lowest amount is a x1 multiplier, but if you match three jackpot players, you will win a payout equal to 10,000 times your wager.

The second game requires you to score a goal to win. The prize awarded for scoring a goal can be revealed by scratching the box below the video panel. Prizes range from a x0.20 multiplier to a x100 multiplier. To play, all you have to do is click the video panel. It looks as if you will miss every shot because of your angle, but at the last second, your teammate may rush in and deflect the ball into the goal with his head.

Offside and Seek is highly recommended for all footballers. The game provides a few laughs and plenty of chances to win significant prizes. Gameplay is seamless, but if you think it is too slow, you can speed up the action with a single click.

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