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Leave it to Microgaming to come up with the idea to combine the peaceful nature of a Panda bear with heavy metal music from the 1970s. On the classic fruit slot Pandamonium, players get the opportunity to score numerous jackpots while enjoying the nostalgia they will feel when they hear the heavy metal sound bites included in the games audio soundtrack.

As far as game-play is concerned, the game is a rather generic representation of one of Microgaming’s fruits slots from the era this game was released. The overall motif or black and red-hot colors does a good job of placing a player in the 70s. The game is played on a 3-reel slot matrix with a singular pay line. Wagering limits are $.01 on the low-end up to $10.00 on the high-end.

The game’s symbols are represented by a mixture of fruit machine symbols (cherries, oranges, watermelons, bars and sevens) and heavy metal guitars (red, purple, red/purple mixed). Of course, the highest paying symbol is the Panda bear, which brings a maximum jackpot of 2000 X $10.00 or $20,000. Not a bad payout for a 3-reel machine.

Beyond the typical symbols and payouts, the game comes with three extra features. The “bank hold” feature allows the player to freeze one of the reels. After setting the frozen reel, the player gets one free re-spin and a chance for a better outcome. The “nudges” gives the player the opportunity to move any one of the three reels forward one space in the hopes they can create a better outcome. Up to four nudges, when available, can be used on the same spin.

The final available feature is the “Pandamonium Trail” feature. At the bottom on the game is a trail numbers 1-7 with the 4 represent by a bonus. Every time the player hits a winning spin, they move down the trail. Once they complete the trail, the go to a secondary screen for a chance to pick up nudges or multipliers on wins.

Verdict: In an era when video slots dominate an industry, 3-reel slots have to offer something unique to get attention. In the case of Pandamonium, the trail feature and possible $20,000 jackpot with low risk offer up a couple of reasons why players might want to give this game a try. Otherwise, the game in nothing more than a standard fruit machine with really interesting heavy metal music in the offering.

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