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Party Time is a classic fruit machine by Microgaming that only changes up the traditional format in some small ways. The theme of the game is celebration, and the developers have introduced that into gameplay by decorating the classic symbols. Champagne glasses adorn the yellow bars, for instance, and champagne bottles embellish the red bars. The game rounds out its symbol set with cherries, sevens, jukeboxes and Party Time logos, which serves as jackpot symbols.


Available coin sizes range from a quarter to five dollars, and players can adjust that amount by using the minus and plus keys at the bottom of the screen. The player also has the option of playing an additional coin or two, and that is set by using the Bet One button. Once the stake is set, use the Spin button to start the game, and max players can use the Bet Max button as a shortcut.

Keep in mind that the jackpot payout is only available on three-coin spins, and that handicap makes one- and two-coin spins not viable options. In other words, if $0.75 per spin is too rich for your blood, then there are better options for you elsewhere in the Classic Slot series by Microgaming (visit this page for more).

Special Features

Party Time offers two special features: Any Two on cherry symbols and Any on bar symbols. Any Two cherries means that you just need two cherries across to win, and that feature, which hits with frequency, pays out three coins, essentially allowing you to break even. Any Bar allows you to win six coins on any three-across combination of yellow and red bars.

Graphics and Audio

The music and sound effects are loud, exciting and rather brief as they only play during the spin action, which takes but seconds to complete. As with most Microgaming classics, the real charm here is the spin action on the reels, which is quite authentic, including nice touches of detail, such as reflections on the glass.


The jackpot is awarded on a max-coin bet with three Party Time logos across. If you bet just one or two coins, then three Party Time logos across would be a non-win. The jackpot is always 9,000 coins, which means that you’ll win $2,250 on the smallest three-coin bet possible and $45K on a max bet.

Overall Impressions

Party Time is an amazing option for classic slots fans who are willing to wager $15 per spin because it allows for a bigger relative payout than you’ll find on most classic games, including the other options characteristics of the classic fruit machine series by Microgaming.

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