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Pharaoh Bingo is a video casino game that brings you into the fabulously rich world of the Ancient Egyptian god-kings. This theme alone is enough to make you feel like your own treasures are on the way, and they very well may be when you play this fast-paced game. The top payout on Pharaoh Bingo is an incredible 100,000 credits, and you do not have to fall asleep through a long boring traditional game of bingo to win.

Pharaoh Bingo is a 60-ball game that allows you to play up to four cards at once. You can wager as little as 0.10 credits per card, or as much as 10 credits per card. With four cards and 14 winning payout patterns, you have a good chance of reaping in some extra money. In addition, you can win multiple times on a single card during the same play. As long the patterns are completely separate from each other, both will provide a payout.

Each card only has 15 numbers on it, and they are arranged in a grid of three vertical numbers to five horizontal. The payout pattern with the lowest value is a single horizontal line, and it pays at a 3x multiple. The next highest pays at an 8x multiple. From there, the money only goes up, and the other patterns pay at 100x, 200x, 300x, 500x, 750x, 1,500x and 10,000x multiples.

Gameplay starts after you choose your wager and click the play button. A gong rings and 30 golden balls fall down either side of Tutankhamen’s ornate burial mask. The balls line up along the bottom and begin to stack up in an oval around the mask. These are the chosen balls for the game. They come all at once, so you don’t have to wait for each one.

Your cards are then automatically marked and your bingo is revealed, tallied and added to your credit balance. However, the game may not yet be at an end. If you are only one number away from a bingo, you have the option of buying another ball. You can continue buying up to a maximum of ten extra balls.

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