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Developed by Microgaming, Pharaoh’s Fortune is an online slot game in the classic slots style with an ancient Egypt theme. The game’s imagery includes golden sphinxes, pyramids and scarabs, and it uses traditional single, double and triple-line bars to round out the symbol set.


Pharaoh’s Fortune is one of the earliest entries in the Classic Slot series by Microgaming. It has three spinning reels (click for more), just a single pay line and a three-column pay table. The columns, from left to right, indicate the payouts when wagering one, two or three coins. The small coin size is $0.25, and the large coin size is $5, so available bets range from $0.25 to $15. At the jackpot tier, the pay table doesn’t scale evenly; in fact, it jumps by 2.5 rather than 0.5, so placing a three-coin bet is the best option.

Special Features

Like most of the machines in the Microgaming Classic Slot series, Pharaoh’s Fortune doesn't have a bonus game or any elaborate video slot features as you may find here. It does, however, offer some scatter-like features. The blue scarab, for instance, pays out when just one or two symbols are on the bet line, and that occurs frequently enough that it plays a big role in the overall lucrativeness of the machine. There’s also a mix-and-match feature between the golden sphinxes and pyramids, which means that any combination of those two symbols three across results in a 40, 80 or 120-coin payout.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics and audio on Pharaoh’s Fortune are solid but not spectacular. As mentioned, this is one of the earlier Microgaming Classics, and it shows. Nevertheless, neither the graphics nor the sound effects interfere with the fast, streamlined play, and there’s an easily accessed mute button for those who prefer to do without.


At one, two and three coins wagered, the Pharaoh’s Fortune jackpot is 500, 1000 and 2500 coins. Most of these Microgaming Classics have a 2400-coin jackpot, so this is a tad higher. With a $0.25 wager, this machine pays out just $125. Keep in mind that many of the Microgaming Classic slots pay out $200 on a quarter bet. A max bet, on the other hand, results in $12,500, which is certainly worthwhile.


Pharaoh’s Fortune is a good offering by Microgaming, but it shows its age and never does anything to distinguish itself from the many other options in the series. In the releases since, Microgaming has refined this formula, and we tend to prefer those newer options. Pharaoh’s Fortune is still fun, however, and we do like it to work it into our pub slot rotation on occasion.

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