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Plunder the Sea is one of the classic online instant win cards on the Microgaming software platform. Microgaming is one of the most innovative developers of online casino software in the world, and they produce an impressive range of interactive games. The games created by the company are fresh and original. They also have great graphics and are easy to play.

Plunder the Sea has an oceanic theme that is based on sea life and sunken treasure. The card is divided into two games, both of which give you chances to win big prizes. The games are presented on a beautifully rendered virtual card that depicts an underwater scene complete with colorful coral and swimming jellyfish.

The first game features six sea creatures trapped inside opaque bubbles. You have to pop the bubbles to reveal what sea life is inside. If you match three of the same sea animal, then you win a prize according to the value of the animal. The different animals and their values are as follows:

  • Starfish – x1
  • Shrimp – x2
  • Stingray – x3
  • Octopus – x5
  • Turtle – x10
  • Sea snake – x20
  • Snail – x50
  • Barracuda – x100
  • Walrus – x1,000
  • Killer Whale – x2,500
  • Beta Fish – x5,000
  • Whale – x10,000

The second game consists of a treasure chest enclosed in a large, transparent bubble. Below the bubble is a prize box that can be scratched to reveal the value of the game. This game has a top value of 100 times your stake. To play the game, all you have to do is click the bubble to pop it. The chest will open, and if it contains a golden fish and jewels, then you win the prize. If it contains a fish skeleton, then you will have to try again on your next play.

To begin a game of Plunder the Sea, you first have to choose an amount ranging from 0.50 credits to 10 credits for your wager. Next, simply click the New Card button to refresh the game. To continue, you can pop each bubble manually by clicking on it, or you can let the computer do it by clicking the Reveal All button.

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