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Premier Racing - Horse racing casino game


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Premier Racing is the number one virtual horse racing casino game available. It offers all the excitement of live thoroughbred horse racing without ever having to leave home. The graphics are ultra-realistic, and so many details are provided, you start to forget it is just a game.

The action of Premier Racing takes place at the fictional Birchfield racetrack. It is a countryside track with grassy lanes and a large outdoor grandstand. The game begins with a full shot of the track and the track conditions. A lineup of eight horses for the next race is listed on the left, and you can position the mouse pointer over the horses and the jockeys for detailed information.

The information available about each horse includes the track conditions the horse prefers and its running style. Jockey information includes past wins and a rating.

Next to each horse and jockey pair are the odds of the horse to win and place. The odds represent the likelihood of the horse to end the race in a money-winning position, and they determine how much money you win in a win or place bet. A win bet means you are betting that a particular horse will be the first to cross the finish line.

A place bet means the horse can finish first, second or third for a payout. Unfortunately, these are the only two bet types available on Premier Racing, which may disappoint some players looking for multiple horse bets with higher odds. However, you can wager on as many individual horses as you like, and bets range from 0.50 credits to 100 credits each.

After you have made your wagers for the race, post time comes with the click of a button. The bell sounds, and the horses spring from the gates. Each race lasts about 40 seconds, and the cameras stay on the field for the entire lap. At the bottom of the screen, you are given updated position information and your bets on the race. At the finish, the results display, and your winnings are tallied. You can then either replay the race or try your luck on the next.

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