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Reels Royce is one of the truest traditional slot machines in the Classic Slot series by Microgaming in some senses, but it also mixes in some unique elements that set it apart. It has three reels, but rather than just a single payline, it has three, and outside of the royal seven, which is the game’s jackpot symbol, the symbol set is limited to the classic bar, double bar, triple bar and red seven symbols.


The typical classic slot game by Microgaming has a three-column pay table, as these, and the column used depends on whether you stake one, two or three coins. Here, you still have the option of one to three coins, but that determines the number of active paylines, which is similar to how video slots work. The advantage here to betting to the third coin is that there’s a 1,000-coin bonus for hitting the third royal seven combo on a single spin.

Special Features

The special features on Reels Royce are limited to “Any Bar” and “Any 7.” Any Bar means that the machine pays out with any three-symbol combination of bar, double bar and triple bar. Any 7 means that Reels Royce pays out with any three-symbol combination of red sevens and royal sevens. The game also has an expert mode, which allows the player to automate spins and quicken the play pace.

Graphics and Audio

As with most classic slots by Microgaming, the graphics and audio are of the same quality of the machines found in casinos and pubs. The spin action is particularly impressive; although this game lacks glass reflections, which makes it feel a bit artificial at times. The sound effects are diverse and enjoyable, and there’s a mute option, which may be useful during certain situations, such as automated spins.


The royal seven is the jackpot symbol, which triggers at three across. The jackpot on a single payline is worth 1,000 coins, but remember that there’s three paylines in play here. The second payline adds another 1,000, and the third payline adds 2,000. Therefore, a minimum bet of $0.25 pays out $250; a minimum three-coin bet of $0.75 pays out $1,000; and a max bet of $15 pays out $20,000.


Reels Royce is fast-paced and simple, and most players will really enjoy it. It’s also an excellent option because it pays out so well. Some of the slots in the Classic series have jackpots as high as $40K and perhaps higher, but this machine tends to spread the wealth out more evenly.

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