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Reel Strike Review

"Gone Fishing" is a popular saying among those who happen to enjoy this particular type of hobby. A slot game that caters to this audience makes perfect sense, and that is what one finds when they play the "Reel Strike" slot game.

Rewards and jackpots are numerous with this particular slot game. This is a 5 reel game with 15 pay lines and plenty of wild and scatter symbols. That increases the fun for the player and helps their chances of getting a win out of the slot game. What is more, there is a bonus game that can be unlocked in this game when certain symbols are hit. Also, it is possible to win free spins if the right combination of symbols is obtained. Multipliers are also available to enhance the speed of game play and the size of the winnings that one has obtained.

Various fish shapes make up the symbols for this game to give the player the feeling that they are really out on the lake reeling in their favorite fish. Matching up like pairs or more of these fish culminates in rewards for the player. If a player happens to hit the scatter or wild symbols, the racing propellers will appear on the screen and let the player win up to 6 free bonus spins.

The action on this game is fast and actually gives the players many opportunities to win free spins and more. It is important to notice that the bonus games and more can help them to get more out of this slot game than they would out of other games. It is therefore a popular game even among those who do not care for the fishing hobby all that much.

Those who are fishing fans get even more from the game for the sheer fact that it provides them with symbols that they are familiar with and plenty of excitement. With 15 play lines, there are plenty of chances to at least win some money back on every spin that one takes. Therefore, it is a good idea to give this game a shot if it is a lengthy amount of game play that you are looking for.

Dive into the depths of the oceans with this slot game and just lose yourself. You will hopefully catch some winning lines while out there, but even if that is not the case, at least the enjoyment of the game will provide plenty of excitement.

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Reel Strike Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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