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With Roman Riches, Microgaming changes up its Classic Slot format in a big way by adding five paylines that play more like a video slot machine than a pub-style game. The theme of this machine is wealth during the Roman Empire, and those trappings make it feel a lot like the one-armed bandits available in Caesars and some of the other casinos in Las Vegas.


Roman Riches gives the player the option of betting one to five coins. Each additional coin beyond the first provides access to another pay line, and each new line has a higher jackpot, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 coins. Since Roman Riches provides many more chances to win than most of any standard three-reels machines by Microgaming, you’ll note that the payouts below the jackpot tier are quite a bit lower than usual. That isn’t a bad deal, however, since even though red sevens only pay out 80 coins, for instance, you can actually hit that five times in a single spin, which amounts to 400 coins.

Special Features

Despite the inherent lucrativeness on the reels, Roman Riches also manages to squeeze in a couple of special features. The first of which is Any Bar, which pays out four coins for any combination of single, double and triple bars three across. The second special feature is the statue head, which in addition to serving as the jackpot symbol serves as a wild symbol. The wild can substitute for any other symbol to form a standard winning combination.

Graphics and Audio

Roman Riches looks and sounds like the kind of coin-operated machines you expect to find at your local pub. The display is well organized and easy to read. The reel animation is passable, and the music and sound effects work in small doses. If you play for an extended period, there’s a mute option available that lets you play with all or some of the music and sound effects turned off.


The five payline jackpots are 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 5000. With nine statue heads on the screen, it is possible to hit all five jackpots, which amounts to 12000 coins. In other words, at the maximum bet of $25, you can actually work away with $60K, which is exceptional for a pub machine.

Overall Impressions

Roman Riches manages to distinguish itself from the other options in the series with its approach to jackpot payouts. We like the machine as part of a classic slots rotation, and we like it for longer play sessions for the player who doesn’t mind forfeiting small wins for a shot at larger big ones.

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