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Roulette Pro by Playtech is an online version of roulette that uses a single-zero roulette wheel, which is often referred to as a French or European roulette wheel (play free here).


Roulette Pro’s gameplay will be straightforward for anyone who has ever played roulette before. For those who have not, the table may seem a bit complex initially due to all the options available. The simplest roulette bets are wagering on red, black, odds, evens or a particular number, and novices can gain familiarity with those before moving onto the more advanced bets.

On this particular roulette game, the minimum bet is $1. The maximum bet depends on the type of wager selected. For instance, straight up is limited to $20, but the player could place two or more distinct straight up bets on a single spin. Bets on even or odd, red or black and 1-18 or 19-36 can be as high as $200, and the player could place multiples of those as well. When betting high stakes, it is important to keep in mind that there is an overall table maximum of $5,000, which means that all bets combined cannot exceed $5,000 for a single spin of the wheel.

Once the player has all of his or her bets on the table, the Spin button begins the round.

Graphics & Audio

The standout feature of Roulette Pro is the female voiceover with an English accent who represents your croupier. The voiceover is quite good and very immersive. Most of the sound effects are high quality as well, including the sound the ball makes as it moves around the wheel or settles into a pocket. The background music, which is very subdued, helps to set the mood. The graphics and animation, on the other hand, are mixed bag. The table layout is serviceable, but the wheel and the UI elements are a little on the small side. Playing in a maximized window does help but doesn’t eliminate the issue.


All of the standard inside and outside roulette bets and payouts are present here. Straight bets have the biggest payout at 35:1, and since this game limits straight bets to $20, the top payout on them is $700.


Roulette Pro is a solid online option for roulette fans. The bet limits are more than enough for the average player, and the voiceover and background music really do add to the immersion. The layout is somewhat of an issue at times but never a deal-breaker. Visit our free casino games page to find more demos.

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