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Santa Paws Review

With 40 winning combinations, 20 paylines and a bonus game, Santa Paws is a very balanced five-reel video slot machine. The theme is based on a slot game around Christmas, winter holidays, Santa and various animals. The non-progressive jackpot is a whopping 4,000 coins, with the monetary amount scaling according to your selected coin size.

Coin sizes vary from $0.01 to $0.25, and you can bet as many as 200 coins on a single spin. There is a free-spin feature that you can activate, and it pays out at an unheard-of multiplicative bonus of seven.

Rather than having a typical bonus game in which you merely click on something, this game has a secondary gambling feature that allows you to possibly multiply any small or large winning combinations that you get.

The bonus game gives Santa Paws the feel of a strategy game without complicating its learning curve. Apart from the free spins and the gambling feature, you will find all of the other symbols typical in a five-reel game. This is a great game to play if you want a little bit of strategy, a lot of winning combinations and the best free-spin multiplier of its kind.

Most free-spin bonus games give you anywhere from one to nine free spins with the winnings multiplied at a rate of between two and three. Santa Paws gives you 12 free spins and pays out at seven times what you would have otherwise made with your trigger bet.

The free-spin game is activated when you get three or more penguin symbols on an activated line. The free spins dramatically ramp up your average winnings over time, and they can earn you thousands of dollars on the bigger winning combinations.

The second bonus feature isn’t exactly a separate game; rather, it is a secondary gambling feature that allows you to double down on smaller jackpots and winning combinations that you have already secured. Upon winning, you have the option of trying to turn that win into more money or keeping the amount that you already have. This feature can make you a lot of money when it is used in conjunction with the free-spin game.

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Santa Paws Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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