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With a growing number of Asian players taking to the Internet for casino gambling, the number of games designed specifically for that demographic is sure to increase. That should be considered a good thing because the theme always leads to some interesting graphics and in-game features.

With Microgaming’s Samurai Sevens classic slot game, there are no in-game features except for the wild symbol. However, there is a cool looking Samurai Warrior pasted to the face of the game to give it some style. Along with symbols that have been given a decidedly Asian tweak, the visual part of the game works.

With that said, this is still a basic 3-reel slot game with 5 pay lines. The game’s wagering limits start at $.25 per pay line and go as high as $5.00 per pay line for a cash out range of $.25 to $15.00 based on one coin per spin. Combined with the game’s largest jackpot of 3,000 coins, the maximum amount that can be won on any single spin is a respectable $30,000.

The game’s symbols and corresponding multipliers based on landing three of the same symbol on one pay line are follows: any bar – 5X, single bar – 25X, double bars – 50X, triple bars – 100X, the dragon symbol – 300X and the Shuriken – 500X. The game does have a wild symbol, which is represented by the Samurai sevens. As wilds, they substitute for each of the other symbols.

The Samurai sevens also serve as the game’s highest paying symbol. If the player lands Samurai sevens across one pay line, the return is 1500X the wager amount. If they land Samurai sevens across two full pay lines, the return is 3000X the amount wagered. Finally, the largest jackpot of 6000X the amount wagered is awarded if the player should be lucky enough to land Samurai sevens on all three pay lines.

Verdict: In today’s online casino gambling environment, it’s unusual to see players wanting to play classic slots when so many of the industry’s video slots have so many exciting features and big jackpot. With that said, there is small group of slot players who stand by tradition. In the case of Samurai Sevens, it is reasonable to expect Asian players to at least give the game a look. What they will find is an inexpensive classic slot game that has a familiar motif and a pretty respectable pay table structure to make it worth a few bets.

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