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Santa Scratch Review

Santa Scratch is a Christmas-themed scratch card by Playtech that is available year-round. Symbols include Santa, Rudolph, presents, stockings, candles, snow globes and the like. The cards cost a dollar by default, and the game uses a 3x3 grid and has a convenient autoplay feature.


Card values range from $0.50 to $10, and paying more or less than the default $1 simply serves as a multiplier for the prize amounts. An $8 winner on a $1 card, for instance, would only pay out $4 if the player had opted to pay $0.50. Once the card price is set, the player can click the yellow Play button to begin. The game will reveal a prize amount that is at least equal to the cost of the card, and the goal is to get three Santa symbols across a row. Columns and diagonals do not count.

On a new card, all nine symbols are covered by a snowflake, which the player must scratch away using the coin icon. An alternate option is to click the yellow Scratch All button, which will reveal all 9 symbols automatically and indicate a win if applicable. For an even faster experience, the player can use the autoplay feature for two to 99 cards at time, and the player doesn’t even have to click Scratch All during this speedy mode.

Special Features

Santa Scratch is a fairly straightforward online scratch card. The one special feature it does have, shuffle, is common to all Playtech scratch cards. Scratch cards are sold to the player from a predefined series, and shuffle is an opportunity to shake up that series when players feel that the odds aren’t in their favor. A player has three shuffles to use, and those shuffles are reset each time he or she purchases a new card.

Graphics & Audio

Santa Scratch uses an art style that is reminiscent of classic Christmas cartoons. The style is whimsical and fun, and the Santa symbols are animated so that they are easy to spot. Sound effects are kept to a minimum: a scratching sound during reveals and a brief jingle when a Santa is revealed.

Game session of Santa Scratch
The game session of Santa Scratch is fun and performed rapidly


The jackpot for the default $1 card is $10,000. The top jackpot is $100,000, which requires a $10 stake. Prizes for this card are indicated as a lump sum, so having two rows filled with Santa doesn’t win you anything extra, and having seven Santa symbols but none three across doesn’t win you anything at all.


We tend to prefer scratch cards that pay out prizes in lump sums rather than per square, and this game is simply a lot of fun and convenient to play. Want more fun? Visit our online scratch cards dedicated page.

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Santa Scratch Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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