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For decades now, scratch cards have been used by bingo players and casino gamblers as a great gaming option to use when a break is needed from the grind of playing slot machines, table games and/or bingo. Also called instant games, these games are well-suited for players of all levels and provide an easy and quick way to gamble and win a little bit of cash. If you enjoy the thrill of playing instant win tickets, then you might look at Scratch Card. The Scratch Card game from Microgaming is a generic, no-frills instant win game designed to enhance the overall gaming experience for gamblers with limited time and a small bankroll.

The game does not have a requisite theme, nor does it come with any fancy graphics, audio segments or interesting video features. It's about as much of a generic scratch card game as there is available on the Internet. For a rather small investment, the player can play the game and hope to win big prizes.

Scratch Card has a basic scratch card game format that includes a six-panel matrix. Since the card designer wasn't overly concerned with appearance and functionality, the game simply focuses on the basic gameplay premise of scratching off the six spots and hoping to match symbols that will lead to cash prizes. The only feature found on this game is the bell that sounds off with a winning match.

The six scratch spots are located on the left side of the ticket with the right side reserved for the pay table. The game has six possible multipliers, which are listed as follows: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x or 50x. Players are required to choose a wager amount with the following choices: 2 credits, 5 credits and 10 credits, which calculates out to prizes ranging between 2 credits, up to a maximum of 500 credits per play.

The one really unique feature on this particular scratch card game is the requirement for the player to actually use their mouse in a scratching motion to reveal the spots. In a sense, it gives the game a more realistic persona, which players might enjoy with nothing else to really get excited about.

Verdict: There really isn't much to recommend here. The game comes with no frills and a very restrictive pay table. If players want to experience scratch cards and arcade style games, there are better options than the Scratch Card game.

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