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Scratch N Spin Review

Through the years, Microgaming has developed a large selection of both classic slots and scratch card games. In a moment of inspiration that occurred several years ago, one of Microgaming's game developers came up with the idea to develop a game that included both genres. The result was a classic slot titled Scratch N Spin. The game's overall motif revolves around a newsstand, which does nothing to enhance the game playing experience.

Unlike traditional classic slot games, Scratch N Spin does not return cash prizes from the base 3-reel, 1 pay line slot game. Instead, the player is playing for scratch cards, which will be used to create possible winning multipliers. The wagering starts with a betting limit of one coin per spin. The coin can the assigned a value that ranges between $.10 and $10.00 per line. With a maximum possible multiplier of 1000X, the single highest payout on a scratch card would be $10,000.

The following symbols are used to help the player earn a specified number of scratch cards per spin:

  • three cherries - 2 cards
  • thee lemons - 3 cards
  • three oranges - 5 cards
  • three bars - 7 cards
  • three blue 7s - 10 cards
  • three red 7s - 15 cards
  • three Scratch N Spin logos - 20 cards

After winning scratch cards, the player is given the option to choose from a selection of six different scratch cards, each of which has a different theme. From there, the player will follow normal scratch card protocol to determine winnings if applicable. Each winning scratch card carries a possible payout of 1X at minimum, up to a max of 1000X, depending on matching symbol.

In the base slot game, players will have access to holds and nudges, which can be used to manipulate the reels in search of a better outcome. Holds allow the player to freeze one reel and re-spins the other two while nudges allow the player to advance one of the reels ahead one cell at a time, up to four times on a base spin.

Verdict: Admittedly, the game looks and feels like a classic slot. However, the inclusion of a scratch card feature gives Scratch N Spin the kind of depth one doesn't usually find with a slot game. If someone is looking for a unique classic slot experience, this would be the game to target. With decent returns in the offering, this game in highly recommended.

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Scratch N Spin Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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