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Soccer Safari Review

Soccer Safari is a Microgaming online slot. The game has five reels and 30 paylines, with symbols that are themed in an unusual combination of African safari animals and soccer. The game allows for a wide betting spread and jackpots that scale according to how much you bet. Apart from its unique special symbols and modifiers, Soccer Safari also has a bonus game that provides you with opportunities to win money in addition to what you win from spins.

Either by happenstance or conscious intent, Soccer Safari came out right before the World Cup in South Africa. The game features symbols ranging from elephants, boars and zebras to lions and trophies. Obviously the game does not take itself too seriously, and it had a very fun feel. That said, the game is just as functional as comparable five-reel online slot machine games, and it has some features that set it apart in terms of playability.

There is a free spin cycle bonus that allows you to win twice as much from any combinations that you get during each free spin. You activate the bonus game when you get at least three trophy symbols, upon which you can win up to 100 times the bet that initially brought you to the bonus game.

Depending on the region from which Soccer Safari is hosted by an online casino, the coin and bet limits may vary, but when played in American currency the minimum bet size for a “coin” is 1¢. The maximum bet size is $120, and the maximum jackpot size is $25,000. The same unit amounts would apply if the game were played in Euros, but the actual amounts would be slightly higher than in USD because of the exchange rates.

However, players who win the maximum jackpot during free spin cycles can win twice as much as they would from normal jackpots. Additionally, it is possible to win $12,000 from the bonus game. While the normal jackpot is already high, the bonus match jackpot from the free spin cycles and the bonus game winnings make Soccer Safari a good choice for players looking for big wins on non-progressive slot machines.

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Soccer Safari Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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