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After building a number of basic classic slot games with little to no extra features, software developer Microgaming moved on to its second generation games that included nudges, holds and some type of a bonus feature. The Spin Crazy slot game was part of this second wave. The game theme is a little confusing when compared to the game screen, which features a pretty woman standing against a red hot background.

In the base game, a standard 3 reel 1 pay line format is used. The game's selected coin values range from $.10 at the bottom end, up to $10.00 on the high end. On any single spin, the player is limited to betting one coin at a time, creating a cash out range of $.10 to $10.00 per spin. The good news is the game's largest jackpot is 2,000 coins, creating a maximum cash payout of a generous $20,000.

Standard fruit machine symbols are used as the game's primary focus. With the applicable multipliers included, here's a look at the standard payouts from the pay table: three cherries - 2X, three lemons - 4X, three plums - 8X, three single bars - 10X, three double bars - 20X, three triple bars - 50X, three red 7s - 250X, three gold 7s - 1000X and three wheels of fortune - 2000X.

Each time the player lands a wheel of fortune, one of the three wheel of fortune symbols are lit up at the bottom of the screen. When all three have been lit, the player is taken to a bonus spin game on a secondary screen. The player is allowed to keep spinning and gathering prizes (nudges, new lives, free spins, cash bonuses) until they decide to cash out or hit the wrong symbol and go bust.

Nudges and holds are used to manipulate the reels in hopes of landing a better result than the one realized with the original spin. Holds allow the player to lock one reel in place while re-spinning the other two one time, and the nudges are used to move one reel forward one space at a time.

Verdict: While classic slots have fallen way behind video slots in popularity, there might still be a few players drawn to a game like Spin Crazy. Surely, there will be a few guys drawn to the pretty lady on the game screen. As the game play goes, the extra features and large potential jackpot, help to keep the game reasonably interesting.

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