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With all of the online slot machine games and the countless variations that they come in, it is sometimes nice to play a game that reverts back to the basics that made playing slots fun in the first place. Spooks and Ladders is one such game, and it personifies everything that one could want or need in a reel slot machine. The game uses a traditional “fruit machine” setup that allows players to hold, nudge and win on a single line. While it may be easy to use, the game is a great deal of fun and it has a very high maximum jackpot of £20,000.

Spooks and Ladders utilizes a simple three-reel layout with one win line. Unlike on some other types of online slot games, you will always be able to quickly identify your winning or losing symbols by looking at the sole win line in the middle. Also, because there are only three reels, it is easy to memorize the winning combinations of symbols without having to constantly check a long chart with complex combinations and zigzagging patterns. Because it is technically a “fruit machine,” the game includes features like holding and nudging that can turn near wins into hefty payouts.

Because it is a digital online casino game designed and formatted by Microgaming, Spooks and Ladders is very easy to use. Players who are more accustomed to playing in online casinos will find that the game operates as smoothly and intuitively as the rest of Microgaming’s digital online casino games. More importantly, those new to online gambling but familiar with traditional casino slot machines will find that the game works very similarly to its 400-pound counterparts.

Microgaming’s online casino games can be downloaded directly to computers or played directly in browsers. Making both options available enables players of Spooks and Ladders a greater degree of flexibility in their online gambling habits. Moreover, it allows players to find playing styles that suit their own preferences from the comfort of their own homes, which is a luxury that brick and mortar casinos do not extend to their slot players.

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