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In the early years, Microgaming’s game developers worked overtime to come up with innovative ideas and gaming options to make its 3-reel slots among the best in the industry. Back in 2006, Microgaming introduced Who Wants to be a Stallionaire. Considering the era in which the game was introduced, it’s easy to see why Microgaming is widely considered the best iGaming software platform in the world.

Who Wants to be a Stallionaire combines wealth and horse racing. If the player is able to follow the lead of the game’s mascot (a stallion dressed in a rich looking purple suite with money pouring out of its pockets), they could find their way to some decent payouts.

The game is played with 3-reels, one pay line and 10 possible winning combinations. The colorful game screen is set against the background of a racetrack where surely the mascot made his millions betting on horses. The game’s prescribed betting range is $.10 on the low end up to a maximum of $10.00 per spin. The game’s highest potential payout is 500 coins times the bet amount or $5,000.00.

The game’s primary symbols include the following: a carrot, limousine, expensive cigar, a lucky number 7, jockey helmet, finish line symbol and the requisite bars. While the game comes without a wild or scatter symbol, it does have a bonus symbol represented by three different colors of horseshoes: Gold, Silver and Bronze. If the player lands three bonus symbols of the same color, they earn the opportunity to play a “wheel of fortune” style bonus game, which could lead to a nice payout should the wheel stop in a preferred location with a 500X multiplier in play.

As was usually the case in the early years, this Microgaming 3-reel slot comes with the “hold” and “nudge” features, which would allow the players to either hold a reel while they re-spin the other or nudge a reel one spot forward in an attempt to create a winning spin.

Verdict: In this day and age, it’s difficult to get excited about classic slots with so many innovative and creative 5-reel video slots also in the mix. With that said, this would be a nice little change of pace game for players who are looking for something a little different. The graphics are nice and the payouts seem to come often enough to make playing the game worth a player’s time and effort.

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