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The Spring Break online video slot machine has five reels and nine paylines. The theme is based on a summer spring break, and the symbols are all designed accordingly, with bright beach-related pictures and colors. With its wide range of coin betting options, players will find that they can comfortably play and win at any level of play. There are advantages and disadvantages to playing at higher or lower limits, but the game’s designers took players’ discretion into account.

The betting range for Spring Break is between $0.01 and $2, so a player can always drop down to a lower limit to work his or her way back up to higher limits if he or she ever needs to preserve a bankroll. As a result, no bankroll is too small, and players of every limit can find enjoy the game. The game has a maximum entry of 45 “coins,” but the coins are much easier to insert and remove than from a real slot machine in a traditional casino.

Wild symbols make the game even more fun, as you can be paid handsomely if your payline shows five wild symbols in a row. Additionally, the wild symbol can act in place as any other symbol that isn’t the scatter symbol. So, what would be a near miss on another machine can quite possibly become a lucky wild symbol win.

The scatter symbol is something else entirely. If you can get three scatter symbols in one payline, without the symbols having to be exactly in line, you can win 15 free spins that pay you just as well as they would had you used your own money. The free spins add up quickly, and you can find yourself with a lot of the casino’s money in your pocket.

Spring Break has a big 10,000-coin jackpot, but the amounts won in jackpots are largely determined by the amount that is bet on the winning spin. The higher the amounts you bet with, the higher your payouts will be. You can still win slightly smaller jackpots when you are not playing at the table’s minimum, but you will find playing online slots to be the most rewarding if it is done at the higher limits with the biggest jackpots.

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