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Sure Win Review

Sure Win is a Microgaming video slot about horse racing and jockeys. There are multiple horses and jockeys featured on the reels, some of which are special symbols. While most five-reel games have a few unique symbols and a few that are generic, you won’t see Sure Win’s artwork in any other games. The background is green, and the five cascading reels and your player controls dominate the rest of the space.

There are 25 paylines, so you can bet as many or as few coins as you like. Even though this slot has all of the basic bells and whistles that you might find in another game, it doesn’t have any bonus games or gamble spins. As such, this is a faster-paced game than you might be used to, but its 97 percent payout rate makes it very worth trying.

Whether you are a small-time bettor or a high roller, you can afford to activate all 25 of Sure Win’s paylines. The minimum coin size is a penny, and the maximum coin size is a quarter. You can bet 20 coins on each of the paylines, making the maximum bet a whopping $125 which is pretty good for high rollers. However, just because you can bet $125 doesn’t mean that you need to do so in order to get the most out of Sure Win; you can play with smaller coins, and the payouts will scale accordingly.

One of the biggest advantages that Sure Win has over other five reel multi payline games, is a mode that enables hands-free spinning. Everything is customizable, and you can set the spins to stop if certain conditions are met. Expert mode can even be set to spin the reels continuously until you strike gold or run out of coins. Playing this way also facilitates multi-box gaming for those players who like to play several slots at once.

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Sure Win Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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