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Surf Safari Review

Surf Safari is yet another one of Microgaming's new online slot releases. The overall look and feel of the game resembles something you might find on the back of a cereal packet, and as the title would suggest the imagery involves safari animals, quite literally surfing on a wave of baby blue water. Already, the game sounds damp.

Surf Safari does not have any alterable pay lines, instead Microgaming have gone for the 243 ways to win approach which is one of this games few redeemed qualities. The minimum coin stake a player may wager on Surf Safari slots is 0.01, whilst 1.00 is the ceiling of the games wager limits. Of course, with 253 ways to win, the total amount that can stake per spin is considerably higher, with a ceiling of 250 and a floor of 0.25.

There is one bonus feature in the game, and it called Surf Safari Wax. If three or more scatter symbols are found across your reels then the bonus round is activated. The scatter symbol in this Microgaming slot is represented by the Surf Safari logo. Once the bonus game is activated, player can choose between fifteen surf wax tins and must continue to open them to receive prize wins. Should they open the tin that contains a collect card inside it, the bonus game is over.

The wild card in this slot is simple enough to see. It is simple some text splashed across a wave that reads “wild”. When wild cards are encountered they automatically substitute themselves for whatever it is a player may need to achieve a win. Of course in order to win the big jackpot, the player will need to bag all five of them and have the maximum wagers staked.

It is not that the Surf Safari slot is poorly designed; on the contrary it is actually quite well designed. Where it is let down is by the theme of the game. Surf Safari slots has been designed to resemble something of a Disney movie if I'm being fair, and of course the particular age group that would normally identify with this sort of thing are nowhere near old enough to play this type of online game.

Therefore there doesn't appear to be too large a market for a slot game of this theme. Still, there are plenty of adults out there who like childlike stories, drawing and in all probability, slots. There could be a future for Surf Safari Slots amongst that crowd, but for the majority of us, we are not amused.

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Surf Safari Review - Author: Jeff Grant (info)

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