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Game Over-View

Players can always count on game software developer Playtech to bring something innovative to the table. The company must have been proud to introduce the slot game "Sweet Party." The game includes one of the most unique formats and a theme that is sure to entice players to step up and play for hours. It is played in a bubble gum machine with nothing but candy icons.

Players with a sweet tooth are sure to pick up a few pounds just playing the game. One of the game's few drawbacks would have to be the lack of any meaningful video features or special symbols. Other than that, the graphics are colorful and clear and the game plays to a high variance with excellent payout possibilities.

Game-Play Features

As mentioned above, Sweet Party have a unique game format. The game is played with a progressive jackpot on a 5 X 5 matrix with no pay lines. The object of the game is to land five or more consecutive or adjacent candy pieces of the same kind and earn a payout. The more pieces strung together, the higher the payoff.

The only symbols on the reels are a green gummy bear, blue stars, yellow donuts, red hot tamales, pink spheres and the ever popular peppermints. The minimum betting requirement is $1.00 per spin with a maximum of $10 per spin. The highest non-progressive payout comes with 16 or more green gummy bears, which pays out an amazing $5,000 per each dollar wagered. That's a whopping $500,000 if the maximum was bet.

Special Bonus Features

The game's unique format makes this game a simple "spin-n-win" endeavor. The game comes without free spins or bonus games. However, the progressive jackpot offers a chance to win BIG money.

Progressive Jackpot Feature - The peppermint candies hold the key to hitting the progressive jackpot. Five to seven consecutive peppermints result in normal payouts ranging from $50 per dollar wagered up to $2,000 per dollar wagers. If the player hits eight or more consecutive peppermints, they will win a percentage of the progressive jackpot based on the amount wagered.

The payouts start with eight peppermints, which results in the player winning 10% of the jackpot. At the high end, the player needs to hit at least 16 peppermints in order to win 100% of the jackpot.

Summary: Sweet Party doesn't provide much to do but spin the reels. However, the anticipation of getting a cluster of symbols and the subsequent payoff are very difficult to resist. The progressive jackpot is awful enticing, but the regular payouts offer almost as much, giving the player plenty of ways to win big.

Sweet Party Slot

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