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The Bees Knees is a pub slot with a playing configuration reminiscent of a classic fruit machine. You have features like holding and nudging, but the game has the feel of one of the simpler classic three-reel, one-payline slot games. That said, it is technically a fruit machine with fruit symbols, bars and theme-relevant art.

The theme itself is based around bees, honey and money. Unusually for a fruit machine, however, this game also has a bonus game that allows you to choose from multiple levels of boxes with cash prizes.

It is not an overly complex bonus feature, but it sure adds some flavor to a sweet game. The jackpot payouts are in coins rather than dollars, with a maximum payout of 1,000 coins.

You can only bet one coin at a time, which actually makes betting strategies much easier; all that you have to do is vary the amount assigned to your coin for each spin. Try out The Bees Knees if you are looking for something that plays like a fruit machine but feels like a classic pub slot.

The coin options in The Bees Knees range from $0.10 to $10 on a single spin. You can only bet one coin at a time, rather than the 200 seen in some multi-payline slots. When you bet the maximum amount on a coin you can win $10,000 on the jackpot. The second jackpot is 160 coins, or $1,600. Even if you don’t intend to bet the maximum amount on your coins, the jackpot scales quite favorably with the betting units.

Apart from the primary spin features, The Bees Knees has a good bonus game and the standard holding and nudging features that distinguish fruit machines. When you play the bonus game you are presented with a selection of boxes to click on. Clicking on the boxes gives you various cash prizes. The holding and nudging features allow you to pay a little bit more to turn your close combinations into winning combinations.

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