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Marvel Comics have been the source of many great slot games over the years. There is something about super heroes that inspire people to try for greatness. In the early years of it’s existence, Microgaming developed a classic slot game titled Thor Blimey.

Much to Microgaming’s credit, the game’s characters are nothing like one would imagine. Thor is a rather cartoonish looking caricature who doesn’t look like the kind of hero one would expect to show up to save the day. The overall game motif is light and fun, which should have appeal to all kinds of players.

This is a classic or fruit slot with 3 reels and 5 pay lines. Like most Microgaming classic slots, the game’s minimum wagering requirement is $.10 per pay line with a wagering cap of $10.00 per pay line. With only one coin allowed to be wagered per spin, the maximum bet per spin ranges from $.10 up to $50.00.

The game’s symbols are represented by standard fruit icons like cherries, lemons and oranges, plus 7s, beers, Thor’s hammers, lightning bolts, sailing ships, Jane and Thor as the highest paying symbol. If the player lands three Thor symbols across any pay line, they win 2000X their wager, or $20,000 with a max bet. After every winning spin, the game provides a gamble feature that can be used to try to double one’s winnings.

Thor Blimey does include Microgaming’s popular bank hold and nudge features. With the bank hold feature, the player has the ability to freeze one reel and re-spin the other two. With the nudge feature, the player has the option to move one reel ahead one cell. This can be done up to four times on a particular spin. The purpose of these two features is to give the player an opportunity to create a winning spin when the original spin resulted is a loss.

Verdict: To begin with, the game’s visual design is both cute and funny. The game’s payouts might be a bit on the low side, but the gamble feature gives the player a chance to increase their winnings. 3-reel slots will never create the kind of excitement that today’s video slots provide, but games like Thor Blimey deserve a place in the minds and hearts of players who like things simple and fast. When all is said and done, this particular games rates on par with many of Microgaming’s other classic slot offerings.

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