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September 28, 2020

6 slot machine games we recommend trying

Casino slots are some of the most popular games on the Internet. Whether you are on a casino website or sportsbook, online slots are some of the most played games by punters. Slots are easy to play and allow you to have hours of fun. If you are familiar with online casino slots, take this quiz to see if you think you are a slots expert. If you are an expert, then you have probably played these common slot games.

  1. Rocket Men

One of the most popular slot games of 2018 – it was only recently released by Red Tiger Gaming -- is Rocket Men. The game allows players to spin a five reel, 20 payline slot to win big. Players will find that every spin brings United States President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jung Un out for some mischief. Rocket Men has been labeled one of the best games of the year due to it being so fun to play. It also pokes fun at Trump and Un.

Rocket man slot (main features)
The main features of the slot game 'Rocket man'
Rocket Man slot (a big winning combination)
'Rocket Man' slot machine (a big winning combination)
  1. Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure allows you the chance unlock your inner Indiana Jones. Players discover a secret map and must navigate their way to secret treasure. You will need to overcome an assortment of dangers on your way to unlocking the secrets of the desert.

  1. Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II (try it for free) brings Norse mythology to life. You will follow Thor during your adventures. The online slot game has amazing features that draw players deep into it. Thunderstruck II has three rows, five reels, and a whopping 243 enabled paylines. The entire online slot game pays homage to Norse mythology and it is hours of gaming fun.

  1. Bitten

If you are a fan of the Twilight film series, then you will love Bitten. Created by IGT, Bitten is a five reel, 20 payline game centered around vampires. Bitten isn’t like modern bloody horror films as it is more to the tune of the films of yesteryear. The game is based on the life of a mysterious bloodthirsty vampire who seeks out victims. You will have to play to see just what happens to the vampire as you attempt to win the max of £250,000.

Bitten online slot
Bitten - a slot machine with a dark atmosphere
  1. A Night Out

A Night Out is considered one of the most popular online slots around. Featuring women ready to party and cocktail symbols galore, A Night Out brings together two areas that are synonymous with one another: Partying and gambling. The 20 payline game offers players the chance to win free spins as well. You can get between two and 20 free spins while playing to keep the night out going.

  1. Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is one of the most famous online slot games based on a film. Created by NetEnt, Planet of the Apes delivers excitement based on the Hollywood film series. Not only is the storyline consuming, but Planet of the Apes has incredible graphics to draw you in. The game features two 3x5 slots that sit side by side (a peculiarity never seen in any other game). The game combines various films and characters from the Planet of the Apes franchise. You can earn bonuses and free spins depending on where you land. The gameplay is great, but the video intros and cut-ins are what make Planet of the Apes truly stand out.

Author: Jeff Grant (info)


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