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It's not unusual for players to seek a little variety when they spend a great deal of time and/or money playing online casino games. With that in mind, Microgaming has developed a complete line of novelty games, often referred to as arcade games. These games typically require the player to interact with the game in some fashion in hopes of creating a win. Three Wheeler is one of these arcade games.

This game is loosely based on the same concept as a roulette wheel or wheel of fortune game. The game has three separate reels of different dimensions, all containing six slots numbered 1-6. The game starts with the player placing wagers, using a range of $1 to $100. The wagers are placed as follows:

  • Single number - the player selects a specific number with payouts determined by how many of that number appear on the three wheels
  • Doubles - the player wins if any number pairs up on the three wheels
  • Trebles - the player wins if any single number appears on all three wheels
  • Specific Treble - the same as trebles except the player selects a specific number for a larger payout
  • Point total - the player selects an aggregate number between 3-18 and hopes that number appears on the three wheels combined
  • Two number combination - the player selects two numbers that must appear together somewhere on the three reels in order for the player to win
  • Small number - the player wagers on the three wheels landing an aggregate amount between 4-10
  • Big numbers - the player wagers on the three wheels landing an aggregate amount between 11-17

The player is permitted to make as many wages as they want on any one spin. The odds are based on mathematical calculations that leave the house with a significant advantage. The highest possible payout is 181X on a specific treble while 2X on big or small numbers would be the lowest possible payout.

Verdict: Three Wheeler is really nothing more than a glorified version of roulette where the player is banking on the results of three wheels instead of just one. With that said, the game does create a certain amount of intrigue. Given a maximum betting amount of #100, players can actually win a significant amount of money if they are lucky enough to land certain bets. This game is easy to recommend for players who want to take a break from table games on video slots.

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