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Developed by Playtech, Thrill Seekers is a video slot machine that has five reels, 50 paylines and a 500-coin max bet. The theme of the game is an amusement park, and many of the symbols reflect popular attractions, such as roller coasters and pirate ships. The game also sets the stage well with crowd noise and a wide range of other amusement park sound effects.


Thrill Seekers has 50 bet lines, and players can opt to activate just one or as many as all 50. Coin sizes range from $.01 to $1, and the game allows up to 10 coins per line, which means that the maximum bet is $500. The plus and minus buttons adjust the coin size, the Bet button adjusts the coins per line, and the Lines+1 and Lines+5 buttons are used to set the active bet lines. Once ready, click the Spin button to begin, or those betting the maximum can simply use the Bet Max option.

Special Features

The clown symbol serves as both the jackpot symbol and the wild symbol. There is also a scatter symbol, which pays out up to 200 coins and 10 free spins. Winnings during free spins are doubled, and free spins can yield additional free spins. Three or more hammer symbols launch a second-screen bonus game that awards a random multiplier, which is then applied to the line bet. Thrill Seekers is also a Dollar Ball machine, which means that the player can kick in an extra dollar each spin for a shot at a progressive pot.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics and animations are solid. The layout is slightly cluttered, but that lends itself to the carnival atmosphere, and everything remains easy to read and pick up quickly. The music and sound effects are also quite good and help to add to the immersion.


Five clown symbols on an active payline awards the jackpot, which is worth 10,000 coins. Therefore, at the maximum coin size of $1, the per-line jackpot is worth $10,000. Of course, it’s possible to hit that jackpot on all 50 lines, which translates into a top overall jackpot of $500,000. The Dollar Ball jackpot can be won in addition to that amount.

Overall Impressions

As we expect from Playtech, Thrill Seekers is fun, fast and polished. It also offers a lucrative pay table that scales evenly, which means that the game is suitable to low and high rollers (here) alike. We also like that the free spins feature fires often and virtually ensures that your losing streaks are never too long. You may visit this page to try more 5 reel slots for free.

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