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Trick or Treat is a classic slot machine with a Halloween theme. The game has three reels, three bet lines and a symbol set that features pumpkins and bats as well as candy bar symbols that cleverly stand in for the traditional bar symbols. There are quite a few online slots by various developers titled Trick or Treat, but this one stands out due to Microgaming’s distinct reels and spin action.


Trick or Treat lets you choose a coin size between $0.25 and $5.00 and play up to three coins per spin. The minimum bet is $0.25, the maximum bet is $15 and there’s a Bet Max button for convenience. The number of coins in play dictates the number of active paylines, but since there’s actually only one physical line, this is simply another way of implementing Microgaming’s typical three-column formula. There is a 1,000-coin bonus on the three-coin jackpot, so we recommend wagers of at least $0.75.

Special Features

This is one of the older machines in the Classic Slot series by Microgaming, and the graphics are all right, but they’re certainly not as impressive as some of the newer entries in the series. The sounds effects are good as well but not very varied, and you can choose to disable them via the menu conveniently positioned in the corner of the screen.


Three pumpkins in a row pays out 1,000 coins per active payline, plus there’s that 1,000-coin bonus for having the third payline activated. Therefore, at one, two and three coins, Trick or Treat pays out 1000, 2000 and 4000 coins. The maximum jackpot is an impressive $20,000, and the jackpot at the $0.25 minimum is $250.


Microgaming has a formula for its classic slots, and this one doesn’t deviate from the formula at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re familiar with the series, then outside of the Halloween theme, this may give you a sense of been there, done that. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun slot game and reasonably lucrative too.

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