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Blackjack Switch


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Blackjack Switch is a casino card game that resembles classic blackjack but differs in that players receive two hands rather than one. Additionally, players may opt to switch the top — or second-dealt — card from each hand. The Switch variant is relatively new having come into vogue in casinos in the 2000s, and the Playtech online game is faithful to the game played in Las Vegas casinos.


As with all Playtech blackjack games, the minimum allowed bet is $1, and the maximum allowed bet is $300. However, since Blackjack Switch deals two hands, all bets are doubled automatically, so the betting range is actually $2 to $600. In addition, it is possible to double on each of the two hands, which could increase the stake to $600 per hand or $1,200 overall. Features like split and surrender are not supported by Blackjack Switch.

When the hands are compared, each of the player’s hands are compared against the dealer’s hand individually. Therefore, it is possible for the player to lose one hand and win the other. Note that the dealer gets to check for a blackjack after the initial deal if he shows an ace or a 10, and if he has it, then the player will automatically lose unless he also has a blackjack, in which case the hand is a push.

Special Features

The main special feature here is the switch. If a player receives A-3 and 7-K, they can switch to A-K for an automatic blackjack win and still have a serviceable hand in 3-7. Switching certainly increases the complexity of the game, but it is worthwhile since it often provides the player with a form of insurance without actually having to pay for it. You may refer to this guide to learn the blackjack rules in-depth.

Graphics & Audio

Blackjack Switch uses the standard Playtech blackjack interface, which is quite good. The table looks great, and the playing cards are very easy to read. The sound effects are authentic and add to the immersion, and light muzak, which you can mute if you prefer, plays in the background.


If a player were to play for the maximum $300 a hand, the total stake would be $600. The game pays out 2 to 1 on a winning hand, and if the player were to win both, the $600 in stake would be returned and the player would win $1,200. If both hands were doubled, the player would win $2,400.


Blackjack Switch is a lot of fun, but the choices are different from standard blackjack. Give the game a chance, and if you decide you like it, then you will need to spend some time understanding when to switch and when not to in order to minimize the house edge.

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