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Twister is an online casino slot that has 15 paylines and five reels. The icons in Twister are an eclectic and colorful mishmash of people, buildings, vehicles and other items that the tornado picks up during its rampage. There are all of the standard symbols that you would find in other multi-payline games, like wild symbols, scatters, multipliers and so forth.

You get a great deal of leeway in how many coins you may bet on each payline and how much you may wager on each spin. If you are fortunate enough to hit the jackpot, you can win an impressive 15,000 coins. Twister also has one of the best free-spin features of any Microgaming slot. This is a game that is worth playing because it is dynamically designed and it has a superb free-spin game.

Twister has all of the typical game symbols and functions. The tornado icon is the wild symbol; it substitutes for other symbols to complete combinations. The scatter symbol turns disjointed combinations into clean wins; it also activates the free-spin game.

You can wager as little as 1 cent or as much as $75 on a single spin. The amount that you wager will ultimately determine how big your jackpots are and how much you are paid when you activate the free-spin game. The maximum coin amount is 50 cents, and you can bet as many as 10 coins on each of the 15 paylines.

The free-spin game is Twister’s key feature. You get as many as 20 free spins in a row when you get enough scatter symbols to activate the game. You can re-trigger the free-spin game, so it is actually possible to get free spins almost indefinitely if you get lucky. Anything that you win is doubled during the bonus game, and the amount that you win is determined by how large your trigger bet is.

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