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Samba Bingo is based on the treasured musical and dance style that originated in Brazil. The samba is characterized by an upbeat tempo and a positive mood. It seems perfectly natural to combine this music with a game where you can win up to 100,000 credits that directly translate into real money. Samba Bingo fits perfectly into this theme because the game is fast and fun. To be sure, this is not your traditional bingo. Samba Bingo brings to life what was once boring and stodgy.

Samba Bingo lets you play up to four cards, and each card has three rows of five numbers, for a total of 15. The game uses 60 balls, and you can potentially draw up to 40 of them to use on your cards. In addition, Samba Bingo gives you an impressive 14 ways to hit a bingo.

This is no one-line bingo game. Each bingo pattern has its own payout multiplier, and your total winnings are the product of your bet and the pattern multiplier. The multipliers start at 3x and range upward to 1,500x. The top jackpot, however, is 20,000x and is won by filling all 15 numbers on your card from the original 30-ball draw.

To begin a game of Samba Bingo, you must first choose how much you will wager for the play. Wagers start at just 0.10 credits per card, but if you are feeling lucky, you can choose the maximum bet of 5 credits per card. The game starts when you click the play button. Immediately after doing so, a whistle sounds, and then, the Samba music starts to play. As the samba audio continues, 30 balls roll in from the sides and drop from the top until they are all settled into the viewing area.

To speed up the game, Samba Bingo marks all of your matches for you and lets you know when you have won. You can see how much you have won on the bottom of each card. If you have a bingo pattern that is missing only one number, the game alerts you to it, and you can buy up to ten additional balls in order to complete the bingo.

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