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Play at Ugga Bugga free multi-spin slot machine


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Ugga Bugga is a multi-spin slot machine by Playtech that uses an African-inspired theme to great effect. The symbol set includes bongo drums, tribal masks, tribal warriors, thatch huts, and several food items. During spins, the steady beat of a drum helps to set the mood and build anticipation.


Ugga Bugga has 30 reels and 10 paylines, which are organized into two columns of five lines. Coin sizes range from $0.10 to $5. The game allows one to five coins per line, which means the maximum line bet is $25. All paylines are automatically activated, so a line bet of $25 means a $250 total bet.

When the stake is set, the player clicks Spin to begin, and the game spins the three reels on the first line only. The player then has the option to hold one or more of the symbols on that line, and any held symbols are mirrored on all other paylines. This is a very lucrative option if, for instance, the player hits one or more jackpot/wild symbols on that first line.

Special Features

The main special feature here is the multi-line aspect. The pay table is structured similar to a classic slot machine, and there are five unique Any opportunities. For instance, there are brown, red and black bongo symbols, and any combination of bongos, regardless of color, yields 10 coins. There is also a crossover Any feature between bongos and tribal masks.

Graphics & Audio

Like most Playtech slot machines (more), Ugga Bugga is silent until the player clicks Spin, and then it plays the beating drum sound effect and the spinning reels sound effect. Although the sound is quite good, we found the drums to be grating over time and muted the machine in favor of some handpicked music.


The relic symbol serves as both the jackpot and wild symbol, and you only need three across to hit the jackpot, which is worth 1,000 coins. Note that by betting the maximum bet, the jackpot is worth 1000 times the line bet, rather than the coin size, on the first jackpot instance, and 250 times on the second. All subsequent jackpots are 1000 times the coin size.

Overall Impressions

Multi-spin slot machines are a lot of fun when you’re in the mood for them, and this one is no exception. We did find the second spin, which occurs after the holding phase, to run a little slow, and we’d advise cranking up the game speed for a more enjoyable pace.

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