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Beetle Bingo Scratch Cards Game


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Beetle Bingo is a bingo-themed scratch card from Playtech that can be played in both arcade and real-money mode and pay out up to $200,000.


The Beetle Bingo scratch has a default value of $1, but you can also choose 50 cents, $2, $5, $10, and $20. Note the $20 option because it is unusual since nearly all Playtech scratch cards max out at $10. Once you have selected the desired card value, click the Play button to begin. You can also opt for the auto-play controls instead, which let you automate up to 99 scratch card purchases at a time. During individual card purchases, you can scratch three sections manually or use the Scratch All button. During auto-play, everything is automated and scratched automatically.

When a round begins, you click to shake the beetle jar to produce 15 numbered beetles. Those numbers will then be highlighted on the large bingo board on the right side of the screen. The next step is to scratch each of the three bingo tickets. Each ticket has five numbers and a prize value, and if all five of those numbers are on the bingo board, you win that prize amount.

Special Features

Beetle Bingo has a shuffle feature. You can use it up to three times between purchases but not during auto-play, and it allows you to shake up the numbered series from which scratch card purchases are drawn.

Graphics & Audio

Beetle Bingo is one of Playtech’s more visually interesting scratch cards because it has fun artwork, good use of color and a lot going on, including a number of animations. The music and sound effects are also quite enjoyable and really add to a fun atmosphere.


The jackpot depends on the value of the card. The top jackpot is $10,000 at the default card value of $1 and $200,000 at the high card value of $20. You receive three bingo tickets per scratch card purchase, and you can win on all three of them, but the total win amount will never exceed the top jackpot for the prize.


Beetle Bingo is much fun and by far one of our favorite online scratch cards. We recommend playing with Scratch All or auto-play because the order of manual scratching dulls the excitement somewhat. One potential gripe is that there is no way to speed up the beetles dropping out of the jar, so if you are an impatient player, you may only be able to stand this game for short stretches.

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