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Untamed Bengal Tiger is an unconventional online slot machine game that was designed by Microgaming. The game does not have traditional paylines like most online slots. Instead, the game uses patterns to determine wins. There are 243 winning patterns, which can be a bit for one person to memorize and keep track of. Fortunately, the patterns are easy to look up, and players are notified whenever they win, so you do not have to worry about passing up a win.

Like any good online slot machine, Untamed Bengal Tiger has a wild symbol as well as a scatter symbol. Additionally, there are three small bonus features, like the Lucky Nudge, that you can use to turn near wins into wins.

While most online slot machines have anywhere from 10 to 40 ways to win, Untamed Bengal Tiger has 243 winning patterns. A pleasant perk of having over 200 winning patterns is that you will never find yourself bored with getting the same one or two frequent combinations. Instead, you get endless patterns of symbols on five reels, any of which might be a jackpot.

The wild symbol in Untamed Bengal Tiger is the game’s logo. The wild symbol works similarly to traditional wild symbols, with one unusual feature. Every time that a wild symbol shows up on an individual reel, a counter at the bottom goes up. When the counter reaches four, the whole reel stays “wild” for four spins. As a result, the five-reel slot machine turns into a four-reel slot machine for the duration of the wild reel. This stacks, so if you get two overlapping wild reels it can be hard not to win.

The free spin option operates like any other free spin on traditional online slot machines, with a few bonus exceptions. When three or more of the scatter symbols show up on any of the five reels, a player enters free spin mode. However, during the free spin mode there is a higher concentration of wild symbols on all of the reels.

As a result, it is very easy to get favorable combinations on your free spins. The a amounts paid out from the free spins are dependent on the amount you bet when you got the three or more scatter symbols.

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