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Wasabi San is a Microgaming video slot game that has five reels and 15 paylines. The minimum wager is $0.01 and the maximum wager is $75. The game’s theme takes a fun angle about sushi, and the symbols reflect this. The characters are named Bonsai Tree, Mr. Washaman and Sue Shi. You will also see sushi menu items as symbols that have various functions and values in the game. The maximum payout for the game is $37,500, or 7,500 coins, putting it in the top 10 percent of slot games in terms of jackpot size.

Apart from some unconventional uses of in-game symbols and functions, the game has a free-spin bonus game and a separate bonus game on an additional screen. This fish market bonus game has variable payouts, but it is a lot of fun to play and it will only add to your earnings. Even if you don’t like sushi, you should find this game to be entertaining and potentially lucrative.

In order to avoid interpretive errors when playing, you should be sure that you can distinguish Wasabi San, who is one of the characters, from the wasabi symbol, which is the scatter symbol. Wasabi San is the sushi chef, and his portrait acts as the game’s wild symbol; his symbol can fill in for any other symbol in the game besides the scatter symbol, turning partial wins into actual wins and increasing your win-to-loss ratio when you play.

The wasabi scatter symbol can be on any payline and still net you a win when there are multiple on your screen. Also, the scatter symbol can activate the free-spin game, which is a game in which you get free spins that pay you according to whatever your trigger bet was.

As far as Microgaming’s video slot games are concerned, this is a relatively simple game to play; however, the game still has a great deal of functionality and playability. Because the bonus fish market game and the bonus free-spin game both pay you according to your trigger bet, you should be sure to keep your average bet at a fairly consistent level so that you always have a good idea of how much you can expect to win in a sitting.

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